My name is Jennifer. I live in Chilliwack, British Columbia, or as we locals call it, "The Wack".

I have three little boys, who think farts are hilarious, a Polish husband with a cool accent, and two wiener dogs. My life is loud and full of light.

...and apparently I like to take a lot of awkward selfies.

I think your life is amazing too.

Those moments that you don't give a second thought to are beautiful. When the sun is just right in your kitchen while you make dinner, when your little one has ice cream running down their face and it's dripping onto their shirt, and when you laugh so hard at something ridiculous your spouse did, you snort.

Laugh-snorts are my favorite.

I want you to look at your pictures in ten years, and feel like those images are living and breathing.

Basically, I think your Ordinary Life is Beautiful.