I think a lot of us photographers try to give the illusion that we are up to our eyeballs in work. That we are so busy, and amazing, and incredible and drowning in emails of people asking to work with us. There is nothing wrong with doing that, it's a business tactic, and it's how it is....

...And some people ARE that busy, and in all sincerity in really happy for them. I know those people. They work hard, and they deserve success.

I think I generally try to be the 'real me' with my online presence. I would love for you to all think I'm that crazy busy photographer, but I'm not. I'm slow. Slower than slow...and if I'm totally honest, I'm struggling. This is a creative business, but it's just that, A BUSINESS. It's a business that I'm battling with.
What's frustrating about that, is, I think I'm really good at what I do. I think I am able to see beauty in the ordinary. I think there is so much beauty in still moments, and I think I'm really good at capturing that for people.
I've never had a job that I love doing more than this one. I've never loved any sort of work more than this.
I can't force anyone to hire me. I can't force you to love my style. So while I wait, I'm working on projects and personal work...which I think, every day, is making me better and better. I'm tired of pretending that this is so easy. I want to get realllllly real with ya'll. So here I am, laying it all out. If you ever thought about hiring me, TELL ME. Message me, email me, call me.

Don't wait. Don't wait until you lose 10 pounds, or until you paint the living room. Don't. Wait.

We will work something out. Do I sound desperate? Maybe...but I don't care. I ask my clients to be real with me...so here I am, getting real with you.

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